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Planinarsko drustvo »POBEDA«

Mountaineering Club »POBEDA«
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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Mountaineering club "Pobeda" is situated in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and Yugoslavia. The name "Pobeda" means "Victory".

Our club "Pobeda" is the most numerous club in Yugoslavia. We have more than 2000 members and we organize the most exciting trips in our country. As example 1997. we had 172 actions and 6247 mountaineers and alpinists took part in them. 
We possess our own bus, a mountaineering house and a hut, the library, various climbing equipment, telecommunications devices… Those things are the result of working our activists for many years. Every week our members climb some tops. Most of them are in Serbia and Montenegro. It is not the only thing we do. We also visit historical places, monasteries, and other interesting places of our country. We organize an lectures for people who want to learn about nature and environment.

Once or twice a year we go on, so called "The big trip". It is the crown of our activity. That is the difference between the other similar clubs in Yugoslavia and the Pobeda. Usually, about 30 or more, members of "Pobeda" travel and climb peaks of Europe, Africa, Asia… There are, right now many young climbers in "Pobeda" who are as much as they can devoted to climbing famous mountain peaks from all over the world. They are the members of the section for, so called "High mountains" in Pobeda. I may say that section represents the heart of the club, and the club is proud of people who are in the section. Of course, there are many other groups in the club, which are going in for orienteering, taking mountain photographs, free climbing, mountain cycling, education and so on. Those groups are very important, because "Pobeda" has many activists and much interest of everything, which has any connection with nature.

On the other hand, 1998 was very special for all of us. We were celebrating the anniversary of 50 years existing, which means "Pobeda" was established in 1948. We had made a climbing plan for 1998. That plan included 50 mountain peaks over 2000 m height. The aim was every peak for every year exisiting. I am very happy to say that we were very successful and we climbed exactly 75 peaks. The crown of all our, last few years travels, was climbing "The Roof of Europe" - Mont Blanc (4807 m). We prepared very hard for that. As I said, we have the most numerous club, so that was why we wanted to climb the famous mountain with many people. 112 mountaineers participated in preparation, and 40 of them were chosen to go to Mont Blanc. In winter 1998/99. we climbed more than 15 tops in cold conditions. In 1996. we also climbed Ankogel and Gossglockner (the highest top in Austria – 3798 m). There were some peaks in Slovakia too.

In July, 35 climbers from Yugoslavia climbed Mont Blanc, and it was a great success of the whole club "Pobeda". I must point out, there have never been as many people as on 24th, July, 1998. from Yugoslavia. So, it is a kind of new Yugoslav record and we are all very proud of that.

We tried to introduce ourselves shortly.

If you want to cooperate with us or only to contact us, here is the address:
Macvanska 8
11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 455 781

FAX: +381 11 369 15 83

Best regards from all members of the club "Pobeda".

Zoran Karic

zkaric@telekom.yu or



A word about us | Contact us | Home page